Pricing Guide


/ month per user

How many users do you have?

1 100 200 300 400 500


/ year per user

How many users you have?

1 10 20 30 40 50


  • 500+ Users
  • Extended support


  • 50+ Users
  • Extension Support

Pricing FAQ

No, you don't!

The registration process starts with entering your personal data such as First and Last name, email, company etc. When you create your first organization in EasyQA, you become an owner and the trial period (30 days) will start. You will be able to add a payment method at any time. When the trial period will finish, all your projects will be suspended.

No limits on the feature usage!

Each registered user is able to work with the full set of features of EasyQA test management tool. You can:

  • create organizations and projects;
  • add members;
  • upload test objects;
  • create test plans;
  • and write test cases;
  • execute testing;
  • create bugs;
  • find crashes etc.
One limit of EasyQA - is the number of users in your organization.

With the Cloud version, we immediately give access to all functions of EasyQA. If you create an organization and your trial period finishes, then a paid subscription will operate on a monthly basis. Cloud variant best suited to those teams which plan to quickly start the process of developing their program, as well as those who do not want to spend time on hosting.

When you select the Server version, you must place EasyQA on your own equipment by yourself. Typically, this option is suitable for those teams who seek greater privacy and prefer to place the system on their own servers. To place EasyQA Server, please contact us and get all the necessary information about the trial, hosting and license. To retain access to support service and new releases, the license must be renewed annually.

You just can deactivate your account in EasyQA if you need. There are no auto payments in EasyQA, so you are able to not execute next payments, all your organizations will be suspended. And when you execute payments once more, the access will be restored.