What is EasyQA

Software quality is one of the most important aspects of a successful project. It makes a significant part in case of market’s overload of different software.



Even if a group of developers comes up with and realizes new and extremely useful idea, other developers will work with the same idea and will make it with higher quality adding new features, creating more beautiful and convenient design etc.

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EasyQA proves that we have tried our best to make a convenient and easy interface with functionality used while developing in order to make test processes as well as product quality control easier and more comprehensible for the whole team from a tech writer, designer to a back-end developer and database architect etc.

Let's review main possibilities of EasyQA test management tool:

Advantages of to simplify the testing process:

  1. All the necessary tools in one system

One has to choose tools which will assist in the developing process when planning a product.

For example:

  • bug trackers
  • version control system
  • code repository
  • test launch tools
  • test plan writing tools
  • crash catching tools
  • sharing testing objects among the team members etc

The team has to do without some of them in case of a tight budget.

Taking into consideration this issue EasyQA has all the necessary tools in one system. If you had to pay each service separately before, now everything is gathered together for a fixed price.

EasyQA test management tool, QA, software, testing, test plan, test cases, crash, report

  1. Time saving

If the team use different tools, they spent a lot of time in search of the information needed.

You has to look for a build at an email box, a test plan in the documents and a bug tracker is somewhere else.

Tester needs approximately 5 minutes to catch a crash and create a bug for it (with a log file or video attached). If a crash is difficult to catch, it takes even more time.

EasyQA test management tool, QA, software, testing, test plan, test cases, crash, report

By using EasyQA a tester has to press few buttons to convert a crash into a bug which takes a few seconds.

  1. Only a necessary and useful functionality.

Minimalism has been a trend of the last few years. So, IT tries to create applications in a minimalistic style. The products which have stayed long in the market surprise us with new solutions in displaying their functionality.

Having got feedbacks and having analysed other services functionality that are usually used by testers, we have come to a conclusion that many of them have too many useless features and are not convenient.

We have tried to create a simple interface having put all the necessary additional functions such as search, sorting, diagrams. We have tried to decrease the amount of steps to perform certain actions for testing.



  1. Information content and graphic results.

We know very well how important for the team to monitor the results and report them to the clients.

Several years ago QA engineers had to put a lot of efforts and were spending much time to collect the information about the last build, the number of bugs, crashes, tests etc.

But as Henry Ford said: “Everything can always be done better than it is being done”.

You can generate this information automatically in EasyQA test management tool.



You can use EasyQA where all reports are collected in one place and you can access them by pressing a single button. We have created a few diagrams which help to track team members’ work.

  1. Independence and cross-platforming

We let our users to do what they want.

A lot of test management tools and services ask to choose a platform for your future project immediately when you create it. They require to upload a test object and choosing the strategies immediately.

EasyQA makes free room for user’s work. You can start using our service just when you have only a project’s idea. Not having a test object doesn’t cause problems anymore! You can start with test planning, writing user stories or developers’ tasks.  You can create main functions check the list first and then make a team.



You could start working with EasyQA to catch the crashes or share the build first. We do not require keeping the standard rules, you are free to work as you prefer. Make your own rules.

  1. EasyQA Beta is free of charge

Probably we don’t have to talk much about it, but…

  • We are glad to support small startups providing our service free of charge.
  • We offer very favorable pricing and customization services if need be for middle and large companies.
  • We would be happy to receive your feedback.

Several drawbacks of EasyQA

We could say that EasyQA has no flows but we are humans and cannot plan everything perfectly.

Perfection needs the time.

Our project was developed several months ago. We have released Beta version which has few bugs. But according to one of the principles of testing "Exhaustive testing is impossible". Unfortunately, there will always be bugs. Our task is to minimize their influence on the service performance.

EasyQA test management tool, QA, software, testing, test plan, test cases, crash, report

There are following drawbacks in the service:

  • EasyQA SDK is compatible with Android and iOS onlyEasyQA, test management tool, software, qa, testing, Android SDK, iOS SDK, EasyQA SDK
  • You can record a video with integrated SDK only on Android 5
  • Customizing is not available yet that means users cannot create their own scripts for using the service

The list can be extended however we are interested in users’ opinion because the thing suiting one person does not suit another one. We are collecting all the feedback and tracking the users’ needs in order to improve.

Main EasyQA features. Organization and project management

You create an organization after registration. It serves as a fortress for your team and projects.

You can invite members, assign them with roles and give them rights, create projects. The adding members’ format allows adding many users at the same time. So if you have more than 500 employees you will not need to add each one separately.

EasyQA test management tool, QA, software, testing, test plan, test cases, crash, report

There are 3 roles in terms of one organization in EasyQA test management tool:

  • owner that is a person who creates an organization
  • administrator that is an owner’s assistant. He is able to perform any action except for destroying the fortress that is deleting the organization
  • user who performs certain appointed tasks. According to the user’s skills, they are added to a specific project

The user can be appointed to several roles in terms of the project such as:

  • viewer
  • tester
  • developer
  • project manager

EasyQA test management tool, QA, software, testing, test plan, test cases, crash, report

Test object sharing

A test object is a little thing which is the main idea of making a team, investing time and money and which then makes the users happy. EasyQA test management tool will help you make your test object perfect.

We offer an easy way of test object sharing. A user uploads .ipa or .apk file or adds a test object link and all users get an immediate access through the generated link. You can copy the link or send it by email.



When using a mobile application you should only open the link in a mobile browser and a test object will be uploaded. So there is no need to share builds through other services.  You’ll build your test process around only one test management tool. It’s really convenient, isn’t it?

Test plan activity

EasyQA test management tool provides access to creating a test plan, planning test cases, execute testing on the case basis and generating report within one page.  It gives an opportunity to work in different test plans on the same page, in the same window. Several testers can work at the same test plan. You are able to add cases from all available test plans when making a test run.



Team Lead can create a test run and assign it to another project’s tester. Going through test cases you don’t need to open each one separately, you just need to press a button next/prev.



You can receive an update on project development even if the testing is not finished yet.

User-friendly Agile Board

We have tried to keep with minimalistic principles when creating Issues page at EasyQA service. A user-friendly agile board containing only a couple of columns is convenient for creating any application.



When you create a task or a bug, a card is in Submitted column. If you need to discuss something there is a To Be Discussed column. Then go well-known Reopened and In Progress columns.

All cards should go through Team Lead and QA as almost each team has them. So we implement Code Review and QA Review columns.

Successfully completed tasks go to Closed column. Only useful things! We still give the user an opportunity to customize the agile boards.

EasyQA test management tool, QA, software, testing, test plan, test cases, crash, report


It is a really useful bonus developed by ThinkMobiles. It is compatible with Android and iOS applications. You will be able to receive all the crashes that occurred in the process of app usage by having integrated SDK in the code and having done certain code authorization operations at a server.



Furthermore, if you found a crash you choose whether to send it or not. For instance, you don’t need to send crashes while debugging. You can review a log file or send a bug directly from your phone!

You can take a screenshot, record video, describe the steps and send everything to Issues page with SDK.



At last, we would like to thank the team which has been working  on EasyQA web-based test management tool development and will continue working on the project and of course to our first users who, despite of the Beta mode, are actively using the service.

Don’t forget that you and 4 more team members may use this service totally for free! Sign UP and enjoy the EasyQA test management tool.