How to create test plan

To reach the goal we need an action plan. QA Engineer also can not execute testing without at least a check-list. There are many methods and systems for test planning. In the previous article, we compared 10 Best Test Management Tools. How to create test plans is the topic of this article and it will be revealed immediately!

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Our service EasyQA contains the simplest but the most varied functionality which will help users to create test plans easier and faster. In our article we give answers to the following questions:

What is a test plan?

Test Plan is a document which describes the scope of testing process and all its parameters, such as:

  • test object – a full description about what you will test. For example, Android or iOS application, website, desktop software can be the test object.
  • test strategy – an outline that describes the testing approach of the software development cycle. It includes methods of testing new functions, total time and resources required for the project.
  • test procedures – detailed instructions how to set up, execute, and evaluate the results for a given test case.
  • criteria for the beginning and finishing of testing – they will show us which tasks must be completed for a particular level of testing before QA Engineer says that testing is finished.
  • required test resources – how many testers will be involved, which test environments they will use, PCs, mobile phones, etc.
  • preconditions include the state of a system and its environment, the setup and configuration needed for a testing to be executed successfully.
  • risk assessment with suggested solutions.

How to create a test plan?

EasyQA test management tool allows to create test plans and write test cases easily and work with them in a comprehensible for the user environment. Press New Test Plan button to create a Test Plan. Indicate the Test Plan’s title and its short description.  After the Test Plan has been created it will be displayed in the browser’s window.

Create test plan in EasyQA, EasyQA test management tool, qa, testing, software

The left window shows:

  • Test Plan’s title
  • The creator’s name
  • The date of creation
  • The number of modules and cases
  • The date of last changes
  • The buttons to Edit or Delete a test plan

After you press on the arrow, located near the test plan, one more window appears on the right. Here the user is able to view in a treelike shape the quantity of modules and test cases of a particular test plan.


How to split your test plan into modules?

You are able to split your Test Plan into modules in EasyQA test management tool what makes your work with it much more convenient.

For example, you have a project with:

  • registration
  • logging in
  • payment
  • or any other part of the project

which can constitute a separate module and you can describe test cases for this part of the software.

Add module to test plan, how to create test plan, EasyQA test management tool, qa, testing, software

Press Add Module button to create a module, entering the module title and short description. After the module has been created it will be displayed in your browser window.


test plan

You can see three modules on this picture which we can edit or delete.

The team responsible for this part of the website has tried to combine all the main features of the QA department work. Register a new account in EasyQA and try to create test plan with us. We would be glad to get your feedback to help us improve our product.