Access roles in EasyQA

Distribution of access roles is an essential element in any system. We have tried to make the EasyQA test manangement tool convenient and clear to use by any user.

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Thus, we have worked hard on the organization and project roles.

First, all the roles available on the website can be divided into two general groups: organization roles and project roles.

Organization roles

There are three roles in the organization:

  • owner
  • admin
  • user

Owner is a basic role. After registering at the website you can create your organization and automatically become its Owner. To create an organization you just click on Add organization button.

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Having created the organization you will be redirected to the page with your organizations. Click on the newly created organization to access it.

how to create organization, EasyQA test management tool, qa, testing, software, organization, project, roles

That’s it. You have opened your newly created organization and you are the Owner (it is proved by the notification 'You are Owner').

Let us discuss the organization roles.

I. Owner you have rights in the organization and in the projects created within the organization. You have access to all the tools needed to manage the organization. You can:

  • edit organization profile
  • add projects
  • add members
  • look through Plans & Billings
  • review the payment history
  • delete the organization

You can find the detailed list of each role’s rights at the end of the article (organization and project roles respectively).
Owner can appoint the admin or user role to any person added to the organization. To do so, you open the Organization Members tab and change Organization Role to the one you need.

how to create organization, EasyQA test management tool, qa, testing, software, organization, project, roles

II. Administrator has similar rights as the Owner except for the right to edit or delete the organization. This means that the Administrator is a person who is to manage the organization on behalf of the Owner.

This person can manage projects and members but they are unable to delete the organization. We consider the Owner to be the only person having the right to delete it.

III. User has the most restricted rights in the organization. This role is appointed to people who work in the organization but have no right of managing it.

These are employees involved in projects. The User is able to look through the organization information, its members and the projects where they participate but unable to change anything.

Project roles

Let’s move on to the roles you can appoint to the Users in the projects. There are four roles in each project:

  • Project Manager
  • Tester
  • Developer
  • Viewer

The Owner or Administrator can add any number of people and appoint them on any of these four roles. Each role has its own opportunities and rights concerning the project content.

Select a project role for the user, EasyQA test management tool, qa, testing, software

Let’s consider each role’s features.

Project Manager role provides access to all project’s functions. The Project Manager is the user who manages the whole project work flow. They can:

  • add users in the project
  • appoint them on roles
  • upload new builds
  • create, edit and delete test plans

Tester role is usually appointed to the person who is going to test the product. It provides quiet a wide range of rights concerning the work with:

  • a test plan
  • bugs
  • crashes
  • test case launching
  • view, create, edit and delete reports

Developers are the people who are going to write the product’s code. The Developer has similar rights to the Tester but they cannot:

  • create test plans
  • test modules
  • launch test cases

The main Developer’s duty is to upload a new build in the project.

Viewer role provides the most restricted rules in the project. The User with this role has no opportunity to change anything. They can only view the info.

This role is appointed to a person if there is a need to show the project’s stage, a test plan or a test case. It is very convenient to appoint this role without any additional settings and not worrying that the person will be able to change something in the project.

You can appoint this role to the Client or to the person who monitors project development but is not a part of the team. These might be marketing specialists or business analytics.

Full table of access roles

We believe that such access rights authorization is the most appropriate for the convenient EasyQA test management tool using in the organization as well as in the projects.

There is the table below providing the comparison of the organization and project access rights for each role which will help you understand the access rights authorization better.

Access roles, organization roles, project roles, EasyQA, test management tool, qa, software, testing