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Issue Reporting

Any software development process does not go without bugs. This may be defects of varying complexity and have diverse effects on the application. Therefore EasyQA offers to catch, record and manage each issue, task and crash in one place, using the Issues page.

All project members can simply use the agile board, create an issue, assign them different options,  sort by status, etc.

Start with a new issue creation. You is able to not choose the test object immediately, but it helps you to get an accurate graph report for the number of bugs by the version of the test object. Describe the bug title by the scheme “What, where, when and what a result” Select the type of a bug (documentation, task, bug, crash etc), determine the severity and priority for it.

The form for creating an issue

Assigned to is not a mandatory condition here to be met, so you can assign someone later. Upload a file as proof of your findings.

Add screenshot to an issue

The user can view, edit, and delete a card if necessary

You can view, edit, and delete a card

You can control the columns in your project and create new columns

Column creation view

Some project members, for example, Project Admin can edit the created column, and delete it if you need

Manage created issue

The user can move cards (changing their status), sort issues by status and search for issues by name.

The user can move and sort cards