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Easy Test Execution

Start a test execution at any time.

Even if you or someone of the project members have not completed the test plan yet, you can start manual testing. Begin the test execution, use the  Test runs tab on the Test Plan Activities page.

Click on the Create Test Run and start the process of passing test cases.

First, you need to name a test run, choose a test plan and get all test cases, identify the member to execute (it can be you or any member who has the Tester role).

Add Test Run features. Easy QA, test execution

But that’s not all. You can choose test cases  from several test plans simultaneously. To do this, choose the function “Select specific test cases” and select test cases from all created test plans in the project . However, if a test plan does not contain test cases, it will not appear in the list.

Select cases. EasyQA, test execution

All test runs for the test execution are divided into three blocks: new, active and finished . As the name suggests, they differ in the number of not passed test cases. Once you have created a test run – it has the status “new“.  Once you have passed a test cases within a new test run,  but for some reason stopped testing and still have several not passed test cases, the test run status changes to “active”. If your testing is successful (or maybe not successful – if not all tests have been passed 🙂 ) then the test run changes to “finished”.

Test Plan activity screenshot, test execution

Open the test run and begin to execute test cases. They are grouped by test plans, but during the execution, you do not have to switch between test plans.

Switch between test plans, test execution

Click on the name of the test case, run its steps. Then select the appropriate status (pass, failed or blocked) and open the next test case by clicking on the next | prev button. Once you execute all tests, the last pop-up with button “Finish test run” will appear.

Execute Test Cases screenshot. EasyQA, test execution

You can open the passed  test case and change its status at any time. When the user closes the pop-up, he/she will see the updated diagram of test results. You can print this result. Also, the user can edit test run.

After the pop-up will be closed, the diagram of test results are drawn in EasyQA, test execution

The link to the latest test run is available on the Test Plan Activity tab

 The latest test run is available on the Test Plan Activity tab of EasyQA, test execution