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    It is crucial to save time while testing. It’s possible with EasyQA . Testing tool development was initiated by Thinkmobiles quality assurance team. The product idea is based on the experience gained from solving the most complicated issues in mobile app development.

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    It’s essential to visualize the quality assurance process in order not to miss a thing in mobile app testing. Create, sort and manage test objects in user-friendly EasyQA.

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    Beside the easy test management the EasyQA has a smart resource management system. Transparent testing process is what you are looking for. Manage your testing team in order to achieve the best results.

  • Fast Bug Tracking System arrow-thin-right

    Customize your bug tracking system to track only what you want, don’t waste your time. Use agile board to visualize the workflow, create tasks and issues, attach files and leave comments.

  • Crash Reports arrow-thin-right

    Catch the crashes and convert them into issues in one click. Use TEST RUN option to notify the quality assurance team that the development phase is over and it’s high time to start testing.

  • Flexible Customization arrow-thin-right

    Request to develop your own test features to empower the testing tool and develop trouble proof mobile solutions.


The Team Behind the Product

How the idea of EasyQA came about? The story is quite ordinary. We were extremely tired to use a large number of testing tools and every of them had a lot of disadvantages. So the logical decision has struck us: we should create our own testing management product that is going to satisfy the tester needs. And we are pleased to announce that we did it!

“The main idea of EasyQA is to save the time and make a test process easier. We added such tools as crash reports and build version control system to EasyQA. One more option - the activity history is available for Project Managers to control the workflow"

- Yana Gusti, the Head of QA department

“In my opinion, the main aim of the EasyQA is to concentrate in one testing system all the necessary tools in order to reach the most efficient level of testing“

– Vitalii Bizilia, PM & QA of the project

“EasyQA is a convenient service for testing. It provides great opportunities for writing test cases, test scenarios and for easy sharing of mobile builds”

– Roman Babunych, the Head of Ruby department

“When it came to designing EasyQA I had decided to work closely with web developers and testers thus the interface has become clear and convenient ”

– Vitaliy Senevich, designer

Let's Get Down to the Facts

Unlimited possibilities to manage the testing process

Unlimited possibilities to manage the testing process


You may have 4 roles: QA, PM, Developer and Owner within one account


You may manage 3 different platforms within one project


You may run up to 50 projects simultaneously


Beta version is totally free!


You may have 50 organizations in one account